Roof Coating Solutions: Enrich your portfolio by developing a hybrid polymer (Geniosil® WP1) based liquid membrane

Time: 09:30 - 09:50

Date: 18 October 2023

Theatre: Arena 4


Communities constantly look to sustainable and ecologically viable solutions when it comes to roofing. Nowadays, when building and renovating flat roofs is a trend, as they support additional green areas in cities and are the basis for installing photovoltaic panels, people are willing to invest into high quality roofing systems. Alternative concepts either require annual application training of the craftsman or see the craftsman kitted out in extensive personal protection equipment* as until recently, these membranes could only be applied if they contained high amounts of flammable solvents. By contrast, the new GENIOSIL® WP1 based systems are fool-proof, health-friendly (no PPE*), and applied in detailing areas of roofs. It is therefore not surprising that these SMP based membranes became the accepted alternative not only for environmental, but also for quality reasons: as the market saw the launch of an SMP that was low in viscosity and still capable of fulfilling ETAG 005. The resultant membrane can be formulated tin free, thus resulting in a longer shelf-life, the ability to be used under low temperatures AND taking into consideration future legislative issues. Continued developments saw additional alpha based polymers introduced, e. g. for high traffic and a resultant high strength coating.


  • Verena Brunner Marketing Manager Hybrids - WACKER Chemie AG for Eigenmann & Veronelli

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