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Indurenti epossidici sostenibili

ddchem è un’azienda produttrice di indurenti e resine epossidiche che opera e si fa conoscere con questo marchio dal 2003. La mission di ddchem è quella di coniugare positivamente gli standard qualitativi e prestazionali delle grandi aziende con l’attenzione ai dettagli, la cura delle relazioni e la flessibilità tipiche delle realtà più piccole. PRODOTTI BIOBASED:… Leggi tutto »

Si-Based Binders: Transforming the Market for Industrial Thermal Insulation Coatings

Long term insulation reliability challenges countless industries, with the primary failure mode being corrosion under insulation (CUI). With undetected CUI, leaking and defects can lead to catastrophic events, revenue loss, and considerable repair costs. Dow is taking a multi-generation approach to develop low VOC, waterborne silicone-based binders for sprayable thermal insulation coatings (TIC) to address… Leggi tutto »

A Hydrophobic Polymeric Anionic Pigment Dispersant – DEHSCOFIX® WT107

DEHSCOFIX® WT107 is a hydrophobic polymeric anionic dispersant from Innospec. It is specifically designed for efficiently dispersing pigments in aqueous systems. It works well with inorganic and organic pigments and allows high solid loading in the dispersions. It prevents flooding and agglomeration of pigment particles during storage. It has broad water hardness tolerance and is… Leggi tutto »

Bio-based raw materials – it’s all about the origin

Bio-based coating raw materials have been used for a long time and were important pioneers for the success of petrochemicals. More and more bio-based products are being offered. In the interests of climate protection, it must be ensured that bio-based alternatives actually reduce the carbon footprint. With the EU Deforestation Regulation EU 2023/1115, the European… Leggi tutto »

Circular Calcium Carbonate – Making industrial minerals circular

Calcium carbonate is a workhorse for many industries that use the mineral as an extender or filler in their products (paper, paints, plastics, rubber, adhesives, etc). Paper mill sludge (PMS) is the largest waste stream in the paper industry. Generated in the water treatment facilities at paper mills, it consists of waste cellulose fibres and… Leggi tutto »