Zeki Acar

Application Specialist and Business Development Manager

DCL Corporation for Garzanti Specialties


I have been working for DCL since July 2018 as an application specialist and business development manager for pigments in the coatings sector.

I studied paint chemistry at the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein in Krefeld/Germany and graduated as Dipl. Engineer/Paint chemist in 1987.

In January 1988 I started my first career at Hoechst AG/ now Clariant as an application engineer and later as a technical customer advisor. During my time at Hoechst, I mainly worked with the research department to develop and improve pigments for water-based automotive paints.

In March 1998, I took over the technical management of Coatings pigments at the company Cappelle Pigments/Belgium, now Ferro, where I was responsible for product development, development of test systems for quality control, customer complaints and technical customer support and trouble shouting for production related problems as well.

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