Tiziano Sanvito

Amministratore Unico



Tiziano Sanvito, PhD is Sole Director and co-founder of EOS S.r.l., a high tech company having the mission of developing anew generation of systems based on SPES/SPES^2/SPES_ell patented methods for the classification and analysis ofparticles in biological, industrial, and environmental heterogeneous fluids. He has participated in the development of thepatented technologies since their initial stages, carrying out the characterization of the components, developing dedicateddata analysis methods, and writing ad-hoc software algorithms. He graduated with honors in Physics in 2009. In 2013 heobtained the Ph.D. from the University of Milan (Italy) specializing in innovative optical methods for the characterization ofmicro and nanoparticles. In 2015 he further specialized in Patents and Patent Litigation at the Department of PharmaceuticalSciences of the University of Milan. He is author of 26 scientific papers and one PCT patent.

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