Patrizia Cinelli

Professore Associato, Fondamenti Chimici delle Tecnologie

Università di Pisa


Prof. PhD. Patrizia Cinelli is associate professor of University of Pisa on Fundamentals of chemical technologies. She graduated in chemistry in 1995 at the University of Florence, in 1999 she got a PhD in Chemistry on “biodegradable and sustainable polymers for application in agriculture”, at Pisa University, partly performed at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Peoria, IL, USA, where she spent three stages (6 months duration) in 1998, 2000 and 2001. She has accumulated over 25 years of international experience in applied and green chemistry, polymer science and technologies working in the frame of regional, national and European projects from FP5 to the current Horizon 2020. She has participated in 20 European projects, and participating in three Horizon2020 CBE BBI projects in the Bio Based Industries calls, acting as coordinator of the ECOFUNCO “ECO sustainable multiFUNctional biobased COatings with enhanced performance and end of life options “ project GA 837863, following in particular the research activity on polysaccharides coating on plastic and cellulose substrates by wet and hot melt-based coatings, as well as use of chitin and chitosan by electrospinning, and as researcher in BIONTOP “Novel packaging films and textiles with tailored end of life and performance based on bio-based copolymers and coatings” GA 837761.

She is co-author of over 129 papers in peer-reviewed journal, h-index 38, 14 book chapters, 9 patents on innovative materials.

Prof. Patrizia Cinelli has worked on biodegradable polymers and in particular on polymer sustainability, and biomass valorization. She has experience on biodegradable materials and on the study of their morphological thermal, mechanical characterization and evaluation of sustainability by biodegradation tests and evaluation of Life Cycle Assessment.

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