Martin Ocepek

Head R&D Synthetic Resins

Helios Resins for Urai


Dr. Martin Ocepek is currently a Head of R&D Synthetic Resins in Kansai Helios Group. After a few years of development and launching several innovative and awarded resins on the market, he was appointed as Head of R&D Synthetic Resins in 2019. Today his research group consists of 26 people among which 5 are PhDs. The group conducts research on the acrylate- and polyester-based resins for coatings and composites, process technology development, and technical marketing. Dr. Ocepek is a (co)author of 10+ scientific publications and patents. He is a member of the technology council of the strategic national partnership for the circular economy, and a member of the management committee of COST action FUR4Sustain ”European network of FURan based chemicals and materials for a Sustainable development”.

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