David Giner

Product Manager

Sepiolsa (Minersa Group) for Brenntag


David Giner, Product Manager for RHEOPLUS Division at Sepiolsa (Spain), has over 18 years of experience in chemicals and industrial minerals industry. Since close to 5 years ago, he is in charge of rheology modifiers market development and customer engagement at Sepiolsa, a worldwide leader specialty clays mining company. Before joining Sepiolsa, David worked at Torrecid Group for over 13 years, where he managed inorganic pigments for coatings, plastics and construction division. David has a strong academic background, as an Industrial Engineer, a master’s degree in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability as well as different Business Studies titles. He has spoken at different conferences, including American Coatings Show, at Society of Plastic Engineers in US as well as different universities in Spain.

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