Novel options for sustainable waterbased wood coatings

Time: 11:50 - 12:10

Date: 26 October 2022

Theatre: Arena 4


The change to more stringent regulations is the main driver that push the wood coating formulators to optimise their formulations. Raw materials need to fulfil a broad range of requirements and in addition, provide the high level performance we all expect from any wood coating applied on furniture or parquet, etc.

As raw material supplier, technical and regulatory experts at Evonik work hand in hand in order to offer solutions.


This presentation will introduce in a first part a series of additives that are respectful of the environment and improve substrate wetting as well as crater elimination for waterborne wood coatings.

In a second part, the topic of defoaming will be discussed with two new products that offer a unique balance of defoaming and compatibility with a favorable regulatory profile.


Le nuove normative sempre più restringenti sono il principale fattore motivante per i formulatori ad ottimizzare le loro formulazioni. Le materie prime oltre a soddisfare questi requisiti devono garantire prestazioni ad alto livello alle vernici per legno applicate su mobili o parquet.

Quali fornitori di materie prime, gli esperti tecnici e normativi di Evonik lavorano fianco a fianco per offrire valide soluzioni.


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