Levulinate esters and ketals as bio-based solvents for the coatings industry

Time: 16:40 - 17:00

Date: 17 October 2023

Theatre: Arena 4


The coatings sector is still heavily reliant on fossil-based solvents. The industry faces a very significant task in transitioning to sustainable alternatives in order to meet the challenge of climate change, and the associated national and company targets for net zero emissions, while also delivering the necessary performance attributes. Bio-based solvents must be able to demonstrate both a high level of performance and compatibility within multiple types of coating formulations as well as being commercially viable to be considered as replacements. Derivatives of levulinic acid, specifically levulinate esters and ketals, offer potential as alternatives. The work to be presented will cover the origin of these derivatives, sustainability and safety data as well as performance and applications within the coatings industry. Independent studies have confirmed that levulinic esters and ketals offer excellent solvency across a wide range of resin types as well as presenting other desirable characteristics, notably a substantial reduction in carbon footprint. Such levulinates are therefore attractive and realistic alternatives to incumbent petrochemical solvents for coatings.


  • Jonathan Lane Global Business Development Manager - GFBiochemicals for Azelis

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