Stand: 215

Contact Name: Christina Despotopoulou / Katrin Sondergeld
Telephone: +30.6951851373
Email: christina.despotopoulou@gmail.com
Website: https://www.halox.com/
Address: Am Hafen 2, Ladenburg, 68526, Germany

Company Profile

ICL is a leading global specialty phosphate producer committed to fulfilling humanity’s ever-evolving needs. Our HALOX® corrosion inhibitors were established in 1972 to meet regulatory, industry and customer demand for lead and chromate-free non-toxic pigments for corrosion resistant and tannin stain resistant coatings. For over 50 years, HALOX® corrosion inhibitors have provided the paint and coatings industry with innovative corrosion inhibiting solutions. Our ability and willingness to anticipate and respond to your every need is a distinction that has earned us a quality reputation worldwide.

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