Alucha Works BV

Stand: 120

Telephone: +31 6 28 160 582
Address: Westervoortsedijk 73, CB-Greenhouse, Arnhem, 6827 AV, Netherlands

Company Profile

Alucha is a Dutch scale-up company who has developed an extraction technology to produce Circular Calcium Carbonate. Alucha can recover minerals from paper sludge generated in waste water treatment facilities of papermills. Paper mill sludge (PMS)is the largest waste stream in the paper industry and can beknow turned into a valuable raw material source. Generated in the water treatment facilities at paper mills, it consists of waste cellulose fibers (40-50%) and paper fillers like calcium carbonate and kaolin (50-60%). With its patented reactor technology, Alucha can recover the calcium carbonate fillers from the PMS waste stream in such a way that these can be used again as Circular Calcium Carbonate (CCC) fillers in consumer products.

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